You Know That Old Guy Eating Popcorn At The Bank?

Don't fuck with his free popcorn time. While eating some delicious buttery golden kernels, 54-year-old West Allis waited on his wife to complete her bank transaction. Mid-snack sesh, Allis looks up to see a hooded man with a white mask standing next to his wife. Fearing her safety, he sneaks up behind the criminal and applies a surprise flying tackle to his backside.

“All of a sudden the good Samaritan customer sees this action and witnesses the teller putting money into the bag the suspect's holding,” Kreuser said. “The good Samaritan's wife is next to one of these tellers. He thinks, 'Jeez, I've got to react; my wife might get hurt.' He jumps on the suspect and holds him until we made the arrest.”

The man suffered a minor nose injury; the suspect, who was not armed, had to be taken to a hospital after suffering an asthma attack.

“I would never have a family member take action for a few thousand dollars; you don't know if a guy has a gun,” Kreuser said. “But then again, this guy feared for his wife's safety, and maybe I would have reacted the same way.”

Tough guy gets owned by gramps… then gets taken to the hospital for an asthma attack. Pretty sure he should give up on the whole bank robbing fantasy.

via Journal Sentinel


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