BA-K-47 T-shirt contest

OK, we have seen more than a few new folks visit our site today to check out Nick's masterful creation of the BA-K-47.  Since we were going to end up making a t-shirt anyway, we decided to leave it up to you folks to decide what the caption should be.  The winner will receive a free BA-K-47 t-shirt and some other junk we might throw in just for kicks.  We will be using the picture below (minus the stamped web address), and here are the rules.

1. Leave a comment on this post with your suggested caption.  Make sure to enter your email address as we will need to contact you if you win. (duh)

2. Do not enter the same caption multiple times thinking that if you spam us, we will pick you. Duplicate captions from the same entrant will not be counted.

3. If two people enter the same caption, and that caption is the one chosen, the first entrant will receive the free t-shirt.  The other person will receive some props, and may receive an empty beer can, maybe.

4. Nick and Michael will pick the winner on Friday the 17th of April, in the Two Thousand and Ninth year of our Lord.

5. Eat. Shirt. Front.


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