Commercially Built Jetpack Now For Sale

Holy shit, Jetpacks are here! Popular Science claims from the 1950s have finally come true! The Martin Jetpack is now available for sale, although currently only to “commercial customers”. Martin says they will make their jetpacks available to everyone later this year.

The Martin Aircraft Company jetpacks have about 200 HP coming out of their dual propellers. They can go up to 1.5 miles [high] in the air and reach speeds of 60 mph. They will aim to make about 500 packs a year.

These jetpacks were invented by Glenn Martin, who unveiled his prototype last year in July. This whole contraption weighs less than 254 lbs, so in the UK, you won't need a pilot's license to travel in it. It is capable of traveling 30 miles with a full tank of fuel.

Now you can join me in wanting one. More than likely you can also join me in realizing that we'll have to postpone our glorious aerial-fireball filled deaths because one of these will set you back $75,000.

Fuck you Popular Science. Yes, I still hold a grudge.

via Geekologie via technabob


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