Crocs on a Plane

Some dipshit smuggled a FUCKING CROCODILE on a plane inside their carry on luggage during a flight in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The croc tore loose from said dipshit's bag, which caused a panic filled stampede mid-flight. The unbalanced load caused the plane to tip over and crash, killing 19 passengers and crew members. Only one person and the crocodile survived the crash. A rescuer discovered the beast amongst the rubble, and promptly chopped of his head with a machete. Too bad the dipshit who brought the croc didn't survive… he's the one who deserved to have his head chopped off. 

I WANT THESE MOTHERFUCKING CROCS, OFF THIS MOTHERFUCKING PLANE! No. Really. Could someone please get these crocodiles off this air vessel. He's eatin' errbody.

Thanks to Scott, who recently got kicked in the sack.

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