For this year's Bacon Day celebration I decided to head back to the weapons theme that started this all. The fully functioning BA-Zooka measures 36″ long and is 4″ in diameter. It took 15 lbs of bacon to complete the launcher. The BA-Zooka is capable of launching model rockets and summer sausages and is powered by an eight pack of AA batteries. After flipping the illuminated rocker switch the BA-Zooka will begin to beep alerting everyone around that it is armed and ready to fire. Pushing the momentary switch, which acts as the trigger, your rocket or sausage is launched. I definitely need to work on my meat ballistics, but this thing was a ton of fun to build and fire. All of the bacon used this year was donated because it was past the expiration date. Not ideal for eating, but perfect for working with.

Hit the jump for more photos and a video of the BA-Zooka.

Thanks to Chris Lankford, Bryan Brown, and the Fayetteville Flyer for snapping some pics.


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