9 Amazing Slingshot Creations

Jörg Sprave is the man behind all of the creations you're about to see. Obviously, nobody ever told him he'd shoot his eye out, and for that, he's my new personal hero. Enjoy.

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1. Gatling Slingshot Crossbow

In less than half a second, this thing fires eight 20 mm balls towards their target. With a theoretical firing rate of 960 rounds per minute, this beast fires quite fast.


2. Machete Shooting Slingshot

Challenged by his fans, this time Jörg was asked if he could create a slingshot that would shoot a machete. Guess what? He did, and it will toss a machete through six layers of thick cardboard during his test firing.


3. Sling-X-Bow

How do you make a slingshot crossbow better? Just add a red dot sight.


4. Stake Shooting Vampire Hunter Slingshot

Everyone knows that it takes a wooden stake through the heart to kill a vampire. What better way to accomplish this task than with a slingshot that hurdles a stake. And of course: “The weapon had to be painted black, because we are hunting creatures of the night.”


5. Slingshot Cannon

Think you can shoot just a regular slingshot through thick wood? Nope, it takes a cannon to shoot a 20 mm ball through wood as you're about to witness.


6. Over Under Slingshot Crossbow

Jörg decided to tackle a double barrel shooter this time.


7. Christmas Tree Slingshot

How do you make a slingshot crossbow when you're in a survival situation? With a knife and a tree, that's how.


8. Side by Side Sling-X-Bow

After making his Christmas tree crossbow, Jörg decided to make a nicer double shooter. He carved a stock and used a stainless steel barrel to direct the shot.

With scope shooting cans.

With scope shooting ballistics gel.


9. Bullpup Slingshot

After creating the Sling-X-Bow, Jörg wanted to make a shorter, more compact version without sacrificing any power.

Make sure to check out The Slingshot Channel for more videos and creations from Jörg.


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