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Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Tanks

It looks like Xzibit was touring Russia recently and got his hands on this beast. A Moscow businessman bought this armored personnel carrier and had his ride pimped. This amphibious vehicle gets the wheels churning with a 5.5 L diesel engine. If the main four wheels aren’t enough for you, there are four more tucked under the center which deploy at the push of a button to help over obstacles (zombies). If rolling around in this isn’t quite enough fun for you, it’s also quipped with all sorts of gadgets including: multi-speaker sound system, GPS, TV, DVD, night vision, sonar (for the amphibious adventures), and a periscope. Yeah, a periscope. It’s registered and street legal, which means we’ll more than likely be seeing some video footage of this guy having a bad day at some point in the future.

via English Russia