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Gingerbread AT-AT

What's that you say? The AT-AT liquor cabinet we posted earlier just wasn't enough AT-AT for your daily needs? Well here's a kickass walker made of gingerbread for the Discovery Science Center's 6th Annual Gingerbread Competition. Rachel Klemek of Irvine's Blackmarket Bakery is the creator of this most delicious AT-AT and we say she damn [...]



AT-AT Liquor Cabinet

Behold the AT-AT liquor cabinet, that or the most elaborate cocaine storage and entertainment dispenser in existence. It looks to stand around five feet tall and is made from wood and brass hardware. Nobody is really sure who built the All Terrain Armored Transport since these images just magically appeared last week without anyone claiming [...]



AT-AT Pancakes

What’s the perfect addition to a Bacon AT-AT you wonder? Why it would be AT-AT pancakes of course. After making some super scientific blueprints, Jim of Jim’s Pancakes set out to create an All Terrain Armored Transport in pancake form. The pancake AT-AT consists of 13 individual pieces, all held together with pancake batter. Delicious.

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AT-AT Shirt

Graphic designer David Staffell created this clever AT-AT shirt using what else but @ symbols. Bam! I just described what you could already see with those orbs of jelly stuck in your face sockets. Now here's the bad part; they're already sold out. Nice work on the graphic David. Thanks April Update: the shirts are [...]



Bacon AT-AT

I needed a follow up to last year’s BA-K-47 for our 2nd annual Bacon Day. The Bacon AT-AT was actually what I wanted to build before, but didn’t have enough time, so it seemed like the natural choice. The Bacon AT-AT stands 3 ft tall and is made with over 40 lbs of bacon. The body was made from foam, then the bacon was attached. This beast took 21 non-stop hours to build. If you’ve ever once thought to cook 40 lbs of bacon in your kitchen in one sitting, I can now personally advise against it.

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AT-AT & Millennium Falcon Cakes

Jennifer Luxmore of Sin Dessert made these two badass Star Wars cakes. The cake artists said they put in around 60 hours to build the AT-AT cake. Interested in having one made? Well, that's gonna set you back a cool $5,000. Jennifer also made the Millennium Falcon, which was a groom's cake for one of her friends. [...]