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The Ron Swanson Turkey Burger: A Fried Turkey Leg Inside a Grilled Hamburger

What do you get when you combine 5 lbs of ground beef and a 1 2/3 lb turkey leg? What you say; how is this even possible!? How do you combine a delicious fried turkey leg with ground beef? A little thing you call a hamburger, that’s how. The creative burger is a match made from the brilliant mind of none other than the Parks and Recreation character Ron Swanson (and the good people over at Eater). Ron mentions the burger during an episode when asked if he’s every tried a turkey burger. So, If you’ve been spending most of your Monday figuring out something to do this weekend, here you go. All I know is I definitely want to try one.

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Burger with Grilled Cheese Sandwich Buns

There's a new contestant in the restaurant world's secret Fuck Your Arteries competition. Friendly's new Grilled Cheese Burger Melt makes the Double Down look like a tofu wrap by comparison. I love burgers, and I love grilled cheese… this thing just looks absolutely disgusting.  Here's the damage: 1500 Calories870 Fat Calories79g Total Fat38g Saturated Fat180g Cholesterol2090mg [...]