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AT-AT Liquor Cabinet

Behold the AT-AT liquor cabinet, that or the most elaborate cocaine storage and entertainment dispenser in existence. It looks to stand around five feet tall and is made from wood and brass hardware. Nobody is really sure who built the All Terrain Armored Transport since these images just magically appeared last week without anyone claiming [...]




I Can Die Happy Now: Deep-Fried Beer Is Here!

In the history of deep-frying things, beer has always been consumed, but never the main dish. Beer has finally wiped away its mopey attitude and jumped right into the fryer. Ever since the inauguration five years ago of the Big Tex Choice Awards at the Texas State Fair, food vendors have been deep-frying the impossible [...]





Things I Could Be Using Right Now: Enigma Battleship Drinking Game

For those readers who are personally keeping track of my wish list, puh-lease add this glorious battleship game to the list-o’wishins. It’s an Irish term… shut it. Seriously though, how great would this incredibly portable, we’re about to have fun and get hammered while sinking some ships game be? A: Lots

This is the Enigma, the classic Battleship game turned into a simple to play (and fun) bar game.
It´s played just like the usual Battleship game with one addition. If you miss the target you drink a sip of water, and if you hit an enemy boat you opponent empties the corresponding shot glass.
The exterior design of the wood case was based on the enigma encrypting machine as well as the game´s name. The game also features a radar screen to mark the shots of each player and a list of the ships remaining. Have fun, and drink responsibly!

Sounds great! Except for that whole drink responsibly thing. What the hell does that even mean? Now for the bad news; this was just made as a mock up and isn’t actually for sale. So, basically, the best thing you can do is send a letter to your congress person asking… pleading for this to actually be created. Or maybe you could just email the dude.

Be sure to click the jump for more photos of the coolest drinking game ever.



Finally: A Keyhole for Drunk People

It's happened to everyone, unless you've never drank in your life, then you're just a dick… but only for proving my “it's happened to everyone statement wrong.” Or maybe you grew up with some sort of fucking door lock from the future with buttons and shit. Maybe, just maybe you live in an alternate keyless [...]



Boxed Beer: Wine Says WTF?

Recent industrial design graduate Thomas Hussey has gone and done something damn brilliant. He developed Kegless, which is as you can guess from the title and the picture above, boxed beer. Wait. You thought that was an apple juice dispenser? You're an idiot. Moving on. Focusing on environmental and cost concerns, Thomas created the unique [...]




Gummy Shot Glasses

Vat19, the same folks that brought us the world's largest gummy bear, just came out with Gummy Shot Glasses. What this means is I'll be adding getting hammered while taking shots from candy glasses to tomorrow's to-do list. To promote their new product, they decided to make a music video… using a set made of [...]