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Oh No Mah Grill!

You know what sucks? Going to jail sucks (I’m guessing). You know what sucks even worse? Having your gold plated grill forcefully ripped from your toofths by a female jailer in front of 20 other inmates. Anthony McCoy was arrested and put in prison in Nashville on a misdemeanor charge for failing to pay child support. McCoy was told to remove his jewelry by Lt. Tanya Mayhew. He attempted to explain that his grill was cemented to his teeth and couldn’t be taken out. The Lieutenant didn’t care for McCoy’s answer and decided she would take it upon herself to yank out the grill. This removed the enamel from four of his teeth.

He then started spitting up blood, bits of teeth and tissue and they told him just to get back in line, Raybin said of McCoy, adding his client suffered unnecessarily inside the Davidson County jail for 10 days before he received proper medical treatment.

It was hell. The man was suffering, Raybin told News 2 Tuesday. Everyone has had problems with their teeth. Can you imagine being in jail with no help, no medical attention and having the enamel of four of your teeth destroyed?  It was an agony for him.  The medical people didn’t do zip for him.

The city settled with McCoy for $95,000 and suspended the Lieutenant for 5 days without pay and demoted her. 

Better watch your back Fish! Squirrel Master ain’t gonna be there for you all the time. Next time I come for you, I’m gonna want some cocktail… FRUIT!